NONO Hair Removal-Pulling up the Truth



NONO Hair Removal: Bring up the truth.. 

Personally, I know for myself, that I would love to not have certain hair in certain areas-I know I'm not alone. For that reason alone, I begain to be very intrigued about this new product that I can't seem to know. It's on TV or it's on social media. It might be real or might even work if it's all over the place, right? These were thoughts going on in my head and I knew that I wasn't alone. So, for that I decided to get to the bottom of it, and find the truth.


What is NONO Hair Removal?

The NONO Hair Removal is a product that removes hair from you body without using a razor. It's a device that comes with a battery, charger, and a blue light that indicates when it is being used correctly. This product has gotten a lot of hype because it claims to not only remove the hair from your body, it also slows the growth of the hair follicles-making the treatment produce long-lasting affects.


How does the NONO Hair Removal work? 

So here is the process of removing your hair with NONO. Unlike the orthadox way of sliding a razor to cut off your hairs, the NONO uses a lazer to burn off the hair from your body. You glide up and down the area of choice at a slow pace, keeping the right angle for proper hair removal-which is indicated by a blue light. If you start smell a burning oder than it is working properly. The No No Hair Removal product removes the hair from the deep follicle location under your skin as well which is my the time duration it takes for the hair to grow back in much longer than normal and the new hairs are much thinner.



It works, just be patient!